Monday, December 21, 2009

Grizzly Peak with East Bay Landscape Painters - December 19, 2009

Grizzly Peak View (pastel on paper12"x18") -Artist Janice L-H

This is a part of the overlook view that aims toward Berkeley and Albany with Mt. Tam floating in the clouds. Gloomier at 1PM, the clouds were very ethereal and only a hint of the golden shimmer was beginning to show.

This was a particularly interesting challenge for me last Saturday. After almost by-passing the meeting point (!), I was able to join the group and caravan in search of The View. It was pretty cloudy over the bay, but the hills in Berkeley were fairly sunny. The photo above was taken after I finished and walked back to the parking area (the sun was illuminating below the clouds by then).

The view from the little lot to the north of Lawrence Hall of Science has a ledge that would be easy to set up for painting. There is a charge for parking all day ($3.50). I was able to go in and buy lunch at the cafe on the lower floor and peruse the bookstore without paying admission (I asked first). The glare from the sun lighting up the Bridge(especially near the end of the session) makes me want to go back and try and catch that golden light better.

I found a Japanese website that can convert photos to looking like old fashioned silver-nitrate images:

Take a look: Cool, huh?