Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Moffett Field Paint Out - September 17 & 18, 2011

Robin Chapman and the Moffett Field Historical Society and Museum sponsored a Paint Out at Old Hangar One in Mountain View. Painters from all over the Bay Area took part that weekend. It was simply a sketchers paradise! Check out the link under Robin's name above for her postings.

The Famous Hangar One - it was a scorchingly HOT day and I think I suffered a bit from heat exposure by the end of the day. I went to look for trees for shade in my later sketch.

Working in pastels I tried to capture my impressions of the structure while sitting under the hatch of my SUV (I had no shade umbrella with me that day!).

"Hangar One" (artist Janice L-H) 12"x16" pastel on black Canson paper

Later I sketched it with its surrounding landscape.

"Moffett Field Hangar One" (Artist Janice L-H) 6"x 12"sepia ink sketch in my CoMo sketchbook

I HAD to find some shade so I drove around (past the NASA and Ames Labs) and found a stand of big shade trees near one of the Flight Control Towers. I sketched with other local artists listening to the loud wails of jets waiting to take flight from the airstrip nearby.

"Water Tower and Memorial Plane at the Deconstructed End of Hangar One" (Artist Janice L-H) 6"x12" sepia ink sketch in my CoMo Sketchbook

Some of the other Artists will be showing their work at a show at the Museum later this year.

Check out some other sketches done that day by Cathy McAuliffe and John Decker.
The Historical Society & Museum is also on Facebook.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Napa Valley Part III - September 2011

The hubby and I wandered over to Yountville for another art crawl (as we are wont to do) on a nice sunny weekend in September. Hungry for Mexican food, we stopped on Hwy 29 at the Red Hen Cantina.

Yummy combo dishes and soft flour tortillas complemented my carnitas dish. Hubby had tacos which he enjoyed.
I even got a neat Mexican hat to wear when I go out sketching.
I loved the bright colors in this cantina (which has a really extensive outdoor bar area and lighted fountain for seating big groups). Worth a stop if you are in the area.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Let's Draw Davis - September 16, 2011

UC Davis (before the student rush):
The "Let's Draw Davis" sketchcrawl was scheduled for the Saturday, but since I was going out of town, I decided to do my own solo trip on the Friday. I borrowed the tentative route and managed to do it (more or less) considering that I hadn't been on campus in a few decades!

I started at the bus stop near the Memorial Union. It was pleasant in the shade, but fairly hot in the sun. Not many students showed themselves (except when the busses emptied!) since classes hadn't yet started.

I loved the trees in back of the stop with the red old fashioned British telephone box. It gave me a chance to use some new metallic-glittery pens I bought recently. Staff from the University would come out on their breaks and use their cell phones from time-to-time.

Not really knowing my way around campus (I had left my handy map in the car) I walked over to the front of the MU building and found a nice shady table to paint some of the early sketches. It was nostalgic for me to see the small groups of new students come through the quad with their campus tour guides. Geez , they are looking younger every year I think! I headed out toward the Art Building (I thought) and found one of Robert Arneson's Egghead statues in front of the Shields Library Building.

Well I must have gotten a little lost, because I missed the Eggheads in front of the Art Building (heck, I missed the whole Art Building!) - I DID find the one in front of Mrak Hall. I also had forgotten my little camp chair, so I used the closest bench I could find to capture that one in the low angle of the late afternoon sun.

All in all a pretty nice day in Davis , I only wished I could have been able to join the Saturday Group...

Here's an article about Pete Scully's Group.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Napa Valley Part II - August 28, 2011

Paintout with the North Bay Plein Air Painters: Napa Valley Art Museum, Yountville, CA.

The Sunday after the sketchcrawl in Davis, I went out with the hubby to Yountville, in the Napa Valley. It was a hot day there again but some welcome breezes made it nice to be there if you were in the shade. Check out more pictures of the artists and their paintings on the NBPAP Blog and on co-organizer Gerald DeDios' website. It was a wonderful day to paint and I really enjoyed meeting some new faces to the group!

I arrived way early so was able to finish my pencil and ink sketch of the Napa Valley Art Museum. One of the artists (Alfredo Tofanelli) is having a show there in the spot light gallery downstairs. It is well worth cathching if you are in the area.

Later I added watercolor to it. I'm not sure if that was a good idea. I seemed to lose some of the three dimensional effects that the ink sketch had. What do you think?

More about our day in Yountville in a later post.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sketching in Old Davis - August 27, 2011

Davis Food Coop and Pete Scully's "Let Draw Davis" Group:

I have to put the day's temperature on these initial drawings, it will give you an idea of the conditions here in Davis in summertime. I chose to stay pretty much in the shade this time so my street sketching was rather limited to our first stop, the Davis Food Co-op. This store has all the good stuff (deli, food tables, steam tables), and a bar-b-que (also known as BBQ or barbequed meats) out by the store entrance! The guys were cooking chicken on the grill all day and I hear it was delicious!

There was a good gathering of the artists - we sat capturing each other in our sketchbooks. We had folks from Sacramento, Rio Vista and local folks too. All ages are welcomed and all levels of skill encouraged to attend by Pete Scully and Marlene Lee, the organizers of these monthly sketchcrawls. Below is Sandra (who is sitting near the crates of watermelons and the herb plant display).

Since we were sitting in the outside seating area (usually occupied by shoppers enjoying the delectibles from the store) we had comfortable tables and chairs to use for our sketching. Good thinking organizers! A little girl and her mommy sat across from me while I attempted to draw the trumpetvine that was growing among the rafters of the outside overhang of the building. Up at the corner, someone had placed a plastic owl (to deter birds from roosting over the seating area). I liked that and here it is - along with the tiny girl below. She didn't stay long so I left her in sketchier mode (ballpoint pen & watercolors).

Pete and the others had spread out to the front of the store and the nearby corner to sketch the neighborhood. I went around to the back parking lot and spied the delivery van and sketched it over two pages (I had my little square Bee sketchbook to work in). A composite will be included on the Flicker Group when I get a chance to post there. That's a jazzy van painted with "Davis colors". The few of us that were left (5) met up at the Dairy Queen (Oh, Wonderful, Cooling Milkshake!) to look at the day's work. We agreed it would be good to go back and tackle the hardware store another time...

I'll include links to Pete Scully's and Marlene Lee's blog. Of course you can see the rest of the drawings on the Flicker Group photostream.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Napa Valley Part I - The Art Festival - August 20, 2011

This year's Napa Valley Art Festival (held in Yountville) is always a day long event for us. We get there early, scope out the lines at the Bouchon Bakery and nab a couple of scones for breakfast. The Art is in the Yountville Community Center (as it was last year). No longer a plein air event, the artists present recent work for sale and 40% of it goes to charity. This year the festival benefits the Connolly Ranch Education Center. (The photo above is a shot of the display for artist Paul Kratter).

Here's a watercolor sketch from my Moleskine. All the artists depicted here are much prettier, cuter and handsome than I can draw at this stage of my development! But you don't get better if you don't try...So here are a few collaged images from the Art Festival and the award results so far (they just posted the People's Choice Award so it didn't make it yet into my sketch below).

I was so enjoying visiting with the artists (and looking at the art) that I didn't get around to sketching the outside of the venue (see a photo link here from the internet). That will have to wait for another day. Anyway - here's a goodie from the past :

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sketching in Lodi - Part III

Lunch during the workshop was alone time for me. Since we were having wonderful spring-like weather that day, I opted to sit in one of Downtown Lodi's open air eateries. The sandwiches at the Dancing Fox (Winery, Bakery Eatery) were scrumptious and the sidewalk seating under a large market umbrella was just the thing for sketching while I waited for my lunch. Above is the view from my table across the street and the House of Clocks storefront. I'm thinking I might go inside one day to sketch some fancy timepieces!

I inked these sketches and added colors later. Usually if I am working fairly leisurely, I will sketch first in pencil. If I am in a Sketchcrawl situation I tend to use ballpoint pen or other. I guess I'm afraid of smudging off the pencil when I'm moving fast in this little sketchbook. I like this sign over the door at the Dancing Fox. I did a sketch of it in my Moleskine but I misjudged the size and only captured 3/4 of it! So no posting that one...Oh heck - why not!

Below is the view I had while waiting - I'm glad the people sitting in front of me left before I sat down so I could quickly include their dishes. Business was brisker in the side garden area behind me - most customers preferred the shadier spots there. The waitress would walk back and forth between my table and the other customers seated behind me and at the far table. The Dancing Fox website has a cute little tale about their logo here.

Watercolor and ink sketches by Janice L-H