Friday, September 16, 2011

Let's Draw Davis - September 16, 2011

UC Davis (before the student rush):
The "Let's Draw Davis" sketchcrawl was scheduled for the Saturday, but since I was going out of town, I decided to do my own solo trip on the Friday. I borrowed the tentative route and managed to do it (more or less) considering that I hadn't been on campus in a few decades!

I started at the bus stop near the Memorial Union. It was pleasant in the shade, but fairly hot in the sun. Not many students showed themselves (except when the busses emptied!) since classes hadn't yet started.

I loved the trees in back of the stop with the red old fashioned British telephone box. It gave me a chance to use some new metallic-glittery pens I bought recently. Staff from the University would come out on their breaks and use their cell phones from time-to-time.

Not really knowing my way around campus (I had left my handy map in the car) I walked over to the front of the MU building and found a nice shady table to paint some of the early sketches. It was nostalgic for me to see the small groups of new students come through the quad with their campus tour guides. Geez , they are looking younger every year I think! I headed out toward the Art Building (I thought) and found one of Robert Arneson's Egghead statues in front of the Shields Library Building.

Well I must have gotten a little lost, because I missed the Eggheads in front of the Art Building (heck, I missed the whole Art Building!) - I DID find the one in front of Mrak Hall. I also had forgotten my little camp chair, so I used the closest bench I could find to capture that one in the low angle of the late afternoon sun.

All in all a pretty nice day in Davis , I only wished I could have been able to join the Saturday Group...

Here's an article about Pete Scully's Group.

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