Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Moffett Field Paint Out - September 17 & 18, 2011

Robin Chapman and the Moffett Field Historical Society and Museum sponsored a Paint Out at Old Hangar One in Mountain View. Painters from all over the Bay Area took part that weekend. It was simply a sketchers paradise! Check out the link under Robin's name above for her postings.

The Famous Hangar One - it was a scorchingly HOT day and I think I suffered a bit from heat exposure by the end of the day. I went to look for trees for shade in my later sketch.

Working in pastels I tried to capture my impressions of the structure while sitting under the hatch of my SUV (I had no shade umbrella with me that day!).

"Hangar One" (artist Janice L-H) 12"x16" pastel on black Canson paper

Later I sketched it with its surrounding landscape.

"Moffett Field Hangar One" (Artist Janice L-H) 6"x 12"sepia ink sketch in my CoMo sketchbook

I HAD to find some shade so I drove around (past the NASA and Ames Labs) and found a stand of big shade trees near one of the Flight Control Towers. I sketched with other local artists listening to the loud wails of jets waiting to take flight from the airstrip nearby.

"Water Tower and Memorial Plane at the Deconstructed End of Hangar One" (Artist Janice L-H) 6"x12" sepia ink sketch in my CoMo Sketchbook

Some of the other Artists will be showing their work at a show at the Museum later this year.

Check out some other sketches done that day by Cathy McAuliffe and John Decker.
The Historical Society & Museum is also on Facebook.


  1. Oh I'd love to sketch or paint out there! Your illustrations look wonderful! You packed in a lot of details.... and you know I dig your pastels :D