Monday, June 27, 2011

Sketching Davis with Pete Scully's Group

This weekend was a "Let's Draw Davis" Event that Pete Scully holds about once a month up in (where else?) Davis, CA.

We all met at the Amtrak Station there in downtown Davis. It was a warm 86 degrees but quite manageable if you were sitting in the shade of the many trees found downtown.

I had lots of fun meeting Pete and the other local artists. A few sketches were committed...:)

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We stopped and sketched some toys in the window of a local shop.

Here's Pete with some of the Group:

I had the day off the Friday before and sat in my car and sketched a few scenes in the early part of the day. (Colors were added later).

It took me a few trains stopping to catch the side of the train but I was always rewarded with a view of one of the conductors. This is more of a composite sketch of the ones I saw that day.

I see that they renamed the local "Murder Burger" - Shows you how long it's been since I was in Davis!

Lucky me I was there early enough in the day to avoid many pedestrians but I spied this old jalopy when I drove down the street. I had to stop and catch that!

I had to leave a bit early the day of the sketch crawl on Saturday but this was the place the rest of the Group would meet at the end. I sat in the car in front of Chipotle's to get this view (a composite of the Plaza). It was getting kind of hot by then...

Check out Pete Scully's Blog to see a sketch of ME! (Hey Thanks Pete!)

I definitely enjoyed myself in Davis and will look forward to sketching there in the future!