Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Art Classes - February 2010

"Carmel Mission study"
(12"x 18" pastel on paper artist Janice L-H)

Spring is almost here and the assignments in class have kept me pretty busy. I'm really going to try as best I can to fit in my weekend painting sessions with the painting Groups (East Bay and North Bay Plein Air Painters , as well as the Sacramento and the Benicia groups). The Saturday class (Landscape Art) is also starting soon and Marc Pandone chooses some nice local areas to visit with his students. Mountains and Valleys and Trees...Oh, My!

At the very least, if I can't get in a pastel or two, I can use the time to work on some assignments! In the meantime, I include a few exercises below.

Figure Painting:
The model is Barbara. Some of you may have worked with her before. Both matronly and quirky, Barbara has the best fashion accessories!

(18"x24" acrylic on paper - artist Janice L-H)

Drawing Class:
I don't think I've ever spent so much time on line drawings without adding paint or pastel. The first one is from my sketchbook "Nicasio Land Co Ford" (with the NBPAP in Nicasio last Sunday) and the second drawing is a class assignment (18"x24" graphite on paper) titled: "My IsShoes With Teddy"

(9"x12"graphite & ink on paper)

(18"x24" graphite on paper)