Saturday, August 20, 2011

Napa Valley Part I - The Art Festival - August 20, 2011

This year's Napa Valley Art Festival (held in Yountville) is always a day long event for us. We get there early, scope out the lines at the Bouchon Bakery and nab a couple of scones for breakfast. The Art is in the Yountville Community Center (as it was last year). No longer a plein air event, the artists present recent work for sale and 40% of it goes to charity. This year the festival benefits the Connolly Ranch Education Center. (The photo above is a shot of the display for artist Paul Kratter).

Here's a watercolor sketch from my Moleskine. All the artists depicted here are much prettier, cuter and handsome than I can draw at this stage of my development! But you don't get better if you don't try...So here are a few collaged images from the Art Festival and the award results so far (they just posted the People's Choice Award so it didn't make it yet into my sketch below).

I was so enjoying visiting with the artists (and looking at the art) that I didn't get around to sketching the outside of the venue (see a photo link here from the internet). That will have to wait for another day. Anyway - here's a goodie from the past :

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