Monday, August 1, 2011

Land's End, San Francisco with NBPAP - July 31st, 2011

Sunday was cold and windy on the coast (with just a bit of the drizzly rainy fog to keep my pastels in their box!). The SF Marathon was earlier that morning so traffic was still kind of messing things up downtown.
The views from Land's End were somewhat curtailed and the Golden Gate Bridge played hide and seek all day, frustrating many of the artists. However this area always has tourists and other visitors drawn to its trails even in weather like this.

I rather like the graphics on this very truthful sign (an unlucky few had already lost their lives this year from falls from the cliffs).

Most of the painters had arrived by noontime and while I was waiting for the clouds to lift (just a little, please) my hubby and I went over to the Seal Rock Inn for lunch (and to get warm). Poor guy, everytime he tries to join me in a painting outing it is either stifingly hot, bitterly cold, or tied up in endless traffic. The Cliff House food was a tad too expensive and Louis' Restaurant was not yet open for business after its recent remodel.

We had walked part of the trail at Land's End earlier to try and scope out some good views but I settled on this view in the parking lot overlooking the ruins of the old Sutro Baths and Seal Rocks. I had brought my Canson Watercolor SF Sketchbook to work in since the weather wasn't cooperating.

There was a fairly large turnout this day of painters (despite the weather). We are a hardy bunch!

For more pictures and a look at the other paintings created that day - visit the North Bay Plein Air Painters Blog.

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