Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Art Classes II - April 2010

Spring is really in the air! The weather is getting sunnier (interspersed with rainy days). The hills are still green but that will start to change soon. Time to get outside and paint! But first,

I'm still in Student mode...

Midterm madness is upon me and I have posted a few of the more successful paintings and drawings from the classes.

Figure Painting:

The model is Lawanda.

(18"x24" acrylic- artist Janice L-H)

Midterm project - after a sketch by Michaelangelo)

(22"x30" watercolor & pastel- artist Janice L-H)

Drawing class:

The assignment: 24 small drawings of a view/space each 8"x9" using graphite (I'll did 20 but only show a few).

graphite on paper (artist Janice L-H)


  1. Oh why can't I get my self to life drawing class? Hahaha. These look wonderful Janice. Liking the 24 small illustrations too!

  2. Thanks Gerald, maybe we should go to one of those BAMG marathons???