Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spring Art Class III - Final Projects - May 2010

The rain is back but the classes are over and finals have been critiqued! Here's to my teachers (Abigail Jane Rubenstein and Carol A Levy) this semester - long on patience and full of encouragement.

Drawing Class: The theme was Reflections (and I did what came to mind) - an Alice In Wonderland theme (based on illustrations by John Tenniel and others from the long-time favorite children's books).

Drawings are graphite on paper 21"x30":
"Dormouse Through Another Looking Glass" (artist Janice L-H)

"Dormouse Landing In Reality" (artist Janice L-H)

Figure Painting Class:
We had to display our current favorite paintings at the final critique.
Oil, acrylic and pastel paintings - artist Janice L-H
(the models are Christopher, Rachael S., LaWanda, Lisa and Barbara)

Here's some paintings from the final model sessions:
The model is Christopher: canvas paintings 22"X30"
My very first oil painting! It was really cool.
Christopher in acrylics (22"x30")
The model is Lisa: pastel on paper 18"x24"

Figure Painting instuctor Carol A. Levy in a humorous moment (holding up a great torso in acrylic by classmate artist Natalie). It's bigger than she is!

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