Monday, April 18, 2011


Mission Dolores & Basilica St. Francis of Assisi: I started my Sketchcrawl over at the Mission (Dolores & 16th) and took the $5 tour of the buildings and the cemetery gardens. One of my favorite movies (Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo") was filmed in the cemetery here.

The Basilica was wonderful inside. Well worth the tour!

Valencia & 20th in the Mission District: I had my car so I took the opportunity to wander over to Valencia Street looking for a bite to eat. Finding shady parking spots in the Mission District is a formidable task. Here near this house on Lexington I happened upon a mural by Shoultz & Noble on the side of a typical SF building. I had to draw even a small bit of it!

The next block I was lucky to find a wonderful Mexican Rotissiere - Regalitos. The added chile verde was wonderfully hot and the tangy chicken enchiladas verde (made with homemade corn tortillas) was served with spanish rice & pinto beans and really hit the spot!


  1. Thanks for posting these - your lovely drawings have so much atmosphere I can almost hear the street noise, and the conversations around you. Many thanks for posting. I feel inspired to go on a sketch crawl now.

  2. Hi Fran, thanks for the kind words! It was my first Sketchcrawl and though I was mostly by myself, it was nice to know that artists were all around me enjoying the views. Your posting about the SAWS Paintout was great - looking forward to seeing your watercolors!